Sneha Raichada

Sneha currently serves as the Dean of Education at the Ayurvedic Institute. She started in the healing arts by completing her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. She is a graduate of The Ayurvedic Institute’s Ayurvedic Studies Program Levels 1 and 2 as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Ayurvedic Practitioner, then furthered her Ayurvedic Studies with six months of study in India. She gained her Yoga Teacher Certification and began teaching yoga and providing Ayurvedic consultations within her private business in Texas. She also holds a Reiki III Certification.

Sneha shares her enthusiasm and inspiration about Ayurveda in the classroom and the clinic with the students as an instructor and clinic supervisor, as well as in the Panchakarma Department with clients. She continues to practice through integration of Physical Therapy, Yoga, and Ayurveda in the clinic as a Senior Practitioner and in her private practice.

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