Pariksith Singh, MD

is a Doctor of Medicine and the CEO of one of the largest IPAs and Group practices in Florida. As well, he is very active in Indology and Sanskrit studies publishing numerous books and articles on Vedic Literature, the Sanskrit Language and the thought and works of Sri Aurobindo. Of particular interest are his recently published books ‘The Veda Made Simple,’ ‘Sri Aurobindo and the Literary Renaissance of India’ and ‘Sri Aurobindo and Philosophy.’ As for the research projects he is currently working on and intends to develop into additional publication, particularly noteworthy would be Vedic Studies in Light of New Developments in Linguistics and Anthropology, Sri Aurobindo and the Veda and The Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Study of Vedic Phonology and Grammar. Dr Singh has published books on health care including the Health Care Primer 2018, Compliance Made Easy and MRA Made Easy along with multiple anthologies of English and Hindi poetry.