Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center Surat, India

The Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center (Center) in Surat, India aspires to be a global hub for study and research in Sri Aurobindo and his philosophy, vision and work. The Center consists of a team of scholars, teachers, thinkers and writers engaged in disseminating the vision and works of Sri Aurobindo among the young of the world in a language that the they can resonate to.

The Centre was conceived of by Hasmukh P. Rama, founder and chancellor of Auro University, with the aim to be the living soul of the University, a creative hub for in-depth studies in Sri Aurobindo and his vision and works. The Center is scheduled to open in late 2022.

Auro University Surat, India

Auro University is grounded in value-based education and imparts integral learning and leadership, where the mind, body and spirit are aligned and prepared to embark on a journey of lifelong enrichment for both the individual and the community.

The Auro University, established in 2011, is the first university in the world to be established expressly for the purpose of living and practicing integral education and culture in academia, a kind of a modern day gurukula for integral learning that will create applied spirituality, a place where one can come and get a feel and touch of the spiritual in practical living.