A New Perspectives Series: The Soul and Its Journey

Part 1: Preparing for the Soul’s Entry

  • I.1 The Psychic Being: Its Nature and Evolutionary Purpose, Dr. Alok Pandey
  • I.2 ‘Embryo Life and Terrestrial Evolution of Species’, What do we know about life before birth and after death? Dr. Vladimir Yatsensko
  • I.3 Entry into the physical world, How to help mother and child prepare for a new birth, Urvasi Ulrike
  • I.4 Ayurveda’s Perspective on Childbirth, Dr. Vrinda Devani

Part II: The Growth and Development of the Psychic Being 

  • II.1 Reincarnation and Karma, Dr. Soumitra Basu
    • II.2 Awakening the Soul, James Anderson
    • II.3 The Role of Ordeals and Difficulties, Matthew Andrews 
    • II.4 Growth of the Psychic Consciousness, Jayashree Blench
    • II.5 The Soul’s Swabhava and its Expression in Life, Radhe
    • II.6 Ayurveda’s Perspective on the Soul: Kashyapa Fisher

Part III: The Psychic Being after leaving the body 

  • III.1 Death and Its Place in Integral Yoga, Dr. Vladimir Yatsenko
  • III.2  Why the Rising Interest in Near-Death Experiences? Panel: Don Salmon, Marco Masi
  • III.3 The Tibetan’s Book of the Dead, Robin Blench
  • III.4: Ayurveda’s Approach to Death, Dr. Rammanohar
  • III.5: What Happens after Death, Kashyapa Fisher
  • III.6: The Debate of Love and Death, Dr. Alok Pandey

A New Perspectives Series: The Soul and Its Journey

calendarimage September 9, 2023 - October 7, 2023

clock 10:00 am - 11:00 am (New York Time)



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