AI in the field of Music and Art

The creative process, its explorations and unfoldment, can be a precious experience and practice in Integral Yoga, as it cultivates the poise of receptivity, deep listening and surrender to the manifesting force. We will explore and discern the principles and essential components of this process from the perspective of yoga as a concentrated movement towards unity consciousness.

What potential and role can the now evolutionary occurrence of AI with its gifts, promises and apprehensions contribute to the fundamental human capacity of creativity? Where lies its true place and utility and potential for the future? What are its limitations in substituting true creative expression and transforming work of the aspiring human soul?

Our panel of speakers include Aurelio, founder of SVARAM, Vinay Khare, alumni of the Ashram ‘Knowledge’ Higher course, Avinash Kumar, graduate of Delhi Ashram school, and Aurovilian Zech Joya, an IT specialist.


Vinay Khare is a creative technologist and new media artist working on immersive and interactive art experiences. With a primary focus of bridging art and technology…

Avinash Kumar is a design strategist, researcher and artist, and one of the co-founders of Quicksand. Under his artist alias Thiruda, he has been a…

Aurelio (SVARAM) is a musician, educator, ethno-musicologist, researcher, sound designer and sound healer. Through his extensive travels and studies all around the world, he has…

AI in the field of Music and Art

calendarimage March 2, 2024

clock 10:00 am - 11:00 am (New York Time)



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