Course in the Fundamentals of Sanskrit Language

The Ancient Language of the Vedic Rishis Part one (10 hours):

  1. Varna-Mala, Alphabeth and the System of simple roots or Sound-Ideas; Basic Etymological system;
  2. Indra and Brihaspati: Fundamentals of Grammar as mental categories; Philosophy of Language.
  3. The systems of Yaska and Panini: Nirukta and Vyakarana. The Paradigm-shift from Nouns to Verbs;
  4. Artha and Vak – Meaning and Sound; Semantic and syntactic approaches of Sphota Theory;
  5. Fundamentals of Mantric Poetry; Chandas: Gayatri, Anushtubh, Trishtubh, Jagati; Reciting in different styles of Vedic accentuation; Swadhyaya – a spiritual practice.