The Yoga of Conscious Sleep Course

Course Overview

The yoga of conscious sleep looks at ‘sleep’ as a spiritual tool, apart from its role as a physical and mental need. It looks at the ‘practice of sleeping’ as a conscious effort made to engage with the workings of an inner subliminal state, in order to bring about significant changes to the outer nature and integrate the inner and outer self.

The waking consciousness is not aware of this inner subliminal self; yet it receives from the subliminal, ideas, inspirations, motivation, suggestions that influence outer behavior.

The aim of sleep yoga will be to establish this contact, this ‘bridge’ between the two states of consciousness – outer and inner, waking and sleeping.

The Mother has said that ‘to establish this conscious contact’ is the real aim of sleep. Sri Aurobindo says there is a need to continue the sadhana (yogic practice) in sleep and maintain the thread of progress by becoming more and more conscious in sleep.

This course is designed for practitioners of Integral Yoga. It overviews the fundamentals of Sleep Yoga as taught by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

We will study and review the writings, conversations, letters to sadhakas by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

We will also read significant verses from the Kena, Mandukya, Prasna Upanishads; sections from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri will also be read and meditated upon.

This course is every Sunday for 10 weeks. Each session is 1-hour and recorded and available to participants. 

Offered By: Jayashree Blench

Hosted By: La Grace, Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center

Join this course to learn

  1. History of Sleep/Dream in different cultures.
  2. Importance of Conscious Sleep in ancient times.
  3. Integral Yoga – Practice of Conscious Sleep.
  4. Role of the subconscious and subliminal in sleep.
  5. Exercises and Practices in preparation for sleep.
  6. Conscious sleep – benefits to daily life.


Presentation of topic and Q/A session.
Follow-up on reading material.
Discussing topics in groups.


Reflective questions and quotes
Journal writing

Suggested reading

To be suggested at the start of the course

 Conscious Sleep – A change in consciousness, the need, purpose and aim for this yoga. Preparation for conscious sleep, Journaling.

Two parts of the Being – Waking and Sleeping. Reading from Mandukya Upanishad. Inner and Outer Self.

Dreams, Trance, Meditation, Hallucination and Hypnotism – their nature and comparison to sleep.

Sleep /Death – process and similarities.  The Mind of Night and Ignorance – Reading from Savitri.

 Subconscious and Subliminal – waking in the inner Self.

Transformation of Nature/nature – role of memory, time and space.

Growth of Sleep consciousness – what are the signs and how to apply them for a deeper self-knowledge.

Practice outline – Meditation, Prayer, establishing equanimity and stillness.

Occult significance of inner work – Mother’s words.

Summing up and feedback.  


Jayashree was introduced to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Integral Yoga in 1996 when she lived in New Delhi, India. She traveled to Pondicherry and stayed in Auroville for a

The Yoga of Conscious Sleep Course

Oct 16 2022 - Dec 18 2022

10:00 am - 11:00 am (New York Time)


Price 95.00

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