Discovering Sri Aurobindo

As a prelude to Sri Aurobindo’s 150th Birth Anniversary on August 15, 2022, Auro University and Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center in Surat, India and here in Fountain Inn, S.C. are hosting a series of seminars called Discovering Sri Aurobindo. Through Discovering Sri Aurobindo, we hope to come closer to His vast heritage and to understand his depth of contribution to the future development of humanity in all fields of knowledge, including social sciences, philosophy, psychology, culture, poetry and more.

November 6, 2021: In Search of Musical and Artistic Expression for Sri Aurobindo’s Poetry

Composing musical and artistic visual impressions on the spiritual Poetry of Sri Aurobindo is a creative and illuminating experience. In this third webinar in the series, Shakti Balu, Varun Rao, Antoine Colombani, Jyoti Khare share their creative artistry with the audience.

August 14, 2021: How I Discovered Sri Aurobindo

In this second webinar, hear the personal stories of Devotees: how they came to discover Sri Aurobindo and the impact Sri Aurobindo and The Mother has had on their lives. Irena Ateljevic, Aurelio (Svaram), Natalia Pavlovksaya, Vladimir Yatsenko.

May 8, 2021: Sri Aurobindo’s Literary Contribution to Poetry, Art and Drama.