Online Live: Sanskrit Grammar, Semester 1, Part 1

Dr. Vladimir Yatsenko · August 16, 2023
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Complete Sanskrit Grammar Course 3 semesters of 33 sessions each (total 100 session, 2 years) with Examination and Certification at the end of each Semester.

Semester 01, Part 01: September 06-November 08, 2023
Every Wednesday (10-weeks) at 10:00 am New York Time
Fees per 10 sessions: $95

The link to Anki Program and Decks for Devanagari memorising and other lessons:

About Instructor

Dr. Vladimir Yatsenko

Dr. Vladimir Yatsenko is the Director of the Institute for Applied Research in Integral Studies at the Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center. He holds a master’s degree in Linguistics and in Sanskrit Language and Literature and a PhD in Indian Philosophy. Dr. Yatsenko is an instructor of Sanskrit and an educator and researcher in Vedic and Vedantic studies.

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