Integral Education

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In its quest for a deeper understanding of critical issues facing the world and avenues for their resolution, New Perspectives recognizes the paramount role of the individual and the necessity for self-development and self-expression. In this regards, Sri Aurobindo states:

The child’s education ought to be an outbringing of all that is best, most powerful, most intimate and living in his nature; the mould into which his action and development ought to run is that of his innate quality and power. The individual must acquire new things, but he will acquire them best, most vitally on the basis of his own developed type and inborn force. And so too the functions of an individual ought to be determined by his natural turn, gift and capacities. One who develops freely in this manner will be a living soul and mind and will have a much greater power to be of service to the race.

With this in mind, New Perspectives introduces a series on Integral Education, inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s and The Mother’s vision of self-fulfillment and spiritual progress supported by a comprehensive yet individualized approach to education. According to The Mother, an integral education must involve five principal aspects relating to the five principal activities of the human being: the physical, the vital (which includes emotions), the mental, the psychic or soul, and the spiritual.