March 28: Keeping Coronavirus & Flu Away

Attend this informative conversation with Tersea & Charles Baltzell and learn:

  • Clincally-proven, evidence-based, and research supported resources
  • What happens when the body is infected
  • Personal & workspace viral hygiene
  • Prevention & home care bio-hacks
  • Natural medicine treatments

Go forth and have no fear. Did you know that, our immune system creates an inflammatory cytokine storm in response to viral infections like coronavirus, cold and flu? It is the cytokine storm that causes the harm, not the actual virus itself. How can you use your concerns to up your game, becoming more self-responsible, increasing immunity and health? Coronavirus known, unknown, facts, fiction, natural, bio engineered or does it even matter? You can come and discover everything you need to know to empower, prepare and ensure health of self and family…now and in the future.

Workshop is offered on a contribution basis: donations are welcome and appreciated!

Teresa and Charles Baltzell LAc., are board certified neuroscience acupuncturists, founding members of an international neuroscience lab, Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, have helped patients eradicate multiple viral conditions for 10 over years. At Health and Wellbeing Greenville, they help their patients naturally heal “any condition” and learn a little bit about themselves.

Workshop offered on a contribution basis