New Perspectives in Integral and Transformational Learning

New Perspectives is hosted by Auro University and Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center in Surat, India and Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center located here in Fountain Inn, South Carolina.

It is a platform for the exploration of contemporary topics and current events of global importance. As a beacon of light, the Integral Yoga teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother serves as guidance, insight and inspiration as we seek to unravel and comprehend the deeper significance of present-day affairs and examine critically pertinent topics of our times.

Our aim is to facilitate presentations and interactions of different experts and researchers in diverse fields of endeavor in order to create a common cross-cultural, interdisciplinary and interactive platform where all perspectives find their true place, leading to more harmonious and comprehensive ways of living.

New Perspectives 4-Pillar Categories

Social Development
Integral Education
Art and Culture
Integral Living

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