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Integral Yoga Talks with Vladimir Yatsenko.

Vladimir Yatsenko has a MA in Sanskrit language and literature, General and Theoretical Linguistics and PhD in Indian Philosophy. He is currently conducting research in the field of Vedic and Vedantic Studies, Indian Philosophy, Philosophy of Language and Integral Yoga Psychology. Vladimir has delivered talks, seminars and workshops on Integral Yoga throughout the world

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Planes of Being and Consciousness: There are planes of being and consciousness that are constantly evolving from the subconscious to conscious and superconscious being in us. The Physical, Vital, Mental and finally Supramental selves are gradually unfolding in the human consciousness. In this series, Vladimir Yatsenko presents a holistic vision of all major planes of being and consciousness in the light of Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Cultivating Healing Speech: In this next series of talks, Vladimir will focus on the Everyday Practice of Integral Yoga. We begin with Cultivating Healing Speech, an informal talk that addresses the importance of sincere and compassionate communications in relationships. Areas we will explore and discover together include:

  • What is meant by sincere communications?
  • The art of ‘intentional listening’, a deep practice of uncovering the subtle intentions behind one’s communications
  • The importance of precision in word choice

Austerity in mind and speech, including the spiritual benefit of silence

Tools and exercises will be suggested to help transform our communication patterns and cultivate the practice of healing relationships through speech.

The Mother’s Symbol and the 12 Living Principles: The Mother’s Symbol and 12 Powers of our inner Self and their significances of colors and psychological qualities and values are presented by Vladimir as interactive and progressive vision in the psychological and physical terms, the true significance of Sincerity, Humility, Gratitude etc., with respect to a deeper spiritual symbolism given by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Concepts of Consciousness: A Concept of Consciousness in the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother – a presentation by Vladimir Yatsenko. We will take a deeper look into functions of Consciousness and its faculties, on the levels of the physical, vital and mental being.

Part 1: Talk on Consciousness in terms of philosophical approach. This includes discussion of the planes of being and consciousness and their connection with Sri Aurobindo’s symbol as well as the 12 Soul qualities or attributes and their connection with The Mother’s symbol.