New Perspectives on Social Development

Now is the time to sow the seeds for the next great step in humanity’s evolution: a progression from what Sri Aurobindo calls the Individual Age to that of the Subjective Age. The Subjective Age is founded upon a deeper spiritual understanding of the world. In The Human Cycle, Sri Aurobindo proclaims: “Discoveries will be made that thin the walls between soul and matter; attempts there will be to extend exact knowledge into the psychological and psychic realms with a realisation of the truth that these have laws of their own which are other than physical, but not the less laws because they escape the external senses and are infinitely plastic and subtle.”

Emergence of a New Social Order with Rod Hemsell and Devdip Ganguli

A Panel discussion on a new social order emerging in the world: the two paradigms of ‘inevitability’ and ‘eternity’ (‘The Road to Unfreedom’ by Timothy Snyder), and aemergence of nationalist tendencies in the world (‘Why Nationalism’ by Yael Tamir). We shall review these topics in the light of the Psychology of Social Development by Sri Aurobindo (‘The Human Cycle’ and ‘The Ideal of Human Unity’), as well as in the perspective of structureof consciousness as presented by J. Gebser (‘The Ever-Present Origin’).


Social Development of Consciousness with Vladimir Yatsenko

Sociological and Historical Approaches to Consciousness (Yugas, Ages and Structures of Consciousness) in Indian tradition and Integral Yoga. Four Powers of the Divine Shakti and four constituents of Social Order of Knowledge, Power, Bliss and Perfection.  Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Evolution of Consciousness and species, and the double process of terrestrial evolution. The Mother on the widening, deepening and heightening of individual consciousness.

Introduction to Sri Aurobindo’s Social and Political Thought with Devdip Ganguli

Sri Aurobindo always remained keenly engaged with the world. A central tenet of the Integral Yoga is its all-encompassing nature, its radical and dynamic attempt to bring all aspects of human existence, even the most material and collective, under the purview of the Spirit. In this introductory talk, we will touch upon some of the central ideas “The Human Cycle” and “The Ideal of Human Unity” and endeavor to widen our vision and grow in our understanding of the world around us.

The Ideal of Human Unity with Kittu Reddy

In this New Perspectives Talk, Kittu Reddy examines the concept of Human Unity and the role Nationalism and Internationalism has in achieving such unity in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s book “The Ideal of Human Unity”. As well, he will discuss the role of India in facilitating the coming of the Spiritual Age of Humanity.

The Ideal of Human Unity and the Auroville Experiment with Marta Orton and Julian Lines

Panelists discuss Sri Aurobindo’s views on Psychology of Social Development, the concept of Human Unity and Auroville as the Laboratory of Evolution.

The Coming Age of Mental Subjectivism, Part 1 with Jared Quek

In this New Perspectives webinar on the stage of mental subjectivism as described by Sri Aurobindo in The Human Cycle, Jared Quek Jian Zhi discusses how, despite the apparent darkness and chaos of current times, there is every sign that the world is entering into a new and wonderful era of the Spiritual Age. He will share his thoughts on the ‘myth’ of Atlantis and its cardinal importance to the coming age of mental subjectivism.