Integral Living

Integral Yoga is a yoga of Earth-transformation. Its aim is not an escape from life or a shunning of worldly existence but a transformative change in our life even while living amidst it. It is a yoga that can be done anywhere and by anyone, regardless of his outer antecedents. One need not be a brilliant intellectual or a woman with astounding capacities to be an entrant into this Path. Nor are we called upon to leave our vocations or abandon our work and present station or change outer situations, but to see them in a New Light and to act upon them with a New Consciousness.

New Perspectives Series on Transformation of Consciousness: Ascension-Descension and Deepening-Widening

Going Within to Deeper Levels of Consciousness with Dr. Alok Pandey (Vimeo link to come)

As human beings living in these turbulent times, we look for stability, safety and happiness. We spend time and money to manipulate circumstances to get there, and yet the real key to this fulfilment escapes our grasp. For it is not found on the surface but in the depth of life. So, if we wish to change anything we must go within. This process is known as the deepening of consciousness. In essence it is an effort to dive deeper within in order to discover the Pearl of the greatest value at the core of our inner being.

The Descent into the Subconscious and Inconscient Realms with Dr. Soumitra Basu

In Aurobindonian terms, it is consciousness that is the fundamental matrix of reality and all that is, material or spiritual, it is consciousness that is manifesting in different forms and poises. But how can qualia manifest from non-qualia? It is an issue that cannot be understood unless we accept Sri Aurobindo’s view that it is consciousness that gets concealed in the Inconscience before revealing itself through evolution. This means that the Inconscience is phenomenal and not fundamental and this changes our whole perspective on how the being emerges and traverses the hierarchies of consciousness embodying progressively higher supra-cognitive faculties

Overview of Movements of Consciousness and Higher Levels of Consciousness with Matthijs Cornelissen

The Divine is anantaguna, of infinite qualities, but there is a long tradition of distinguishing three major aspects of the Divine: the Cosmic (reached by the widening of consciousness), the Personal (by deepening) and the Transcendent (by heightening). In this New Perspectives webinar, Matthijs Cornelissen provides an overview of these approaches before discussing more specifically ascension to the higher levels of consciousness, and how according to Sri Aurobindo a deep integration of all three movements is required.

Other New Perspectives Integral Living Webinars

The Physical Culture in the Light of the Mother with Lakshman Seghal, Hansa Seghal and Vikas Bamba

To juxtapose Physical Education and the body with Spirituality seems an anomaly as the body has always been considered an encumbrance in the spiritual pursuit. However, the most distinguishing aspect of Sri Aurobindo’s and The Mother’s Integral Yoga is that its fulfillment includes the divinization of the body. The Mother states:

“You understand, people were asking to be divine in their mind and vital – that is, the whole history of spirituality, the same old theme for centuries – but now, it’s the BODY. It’s the body that asks to participate. Its certainly progress.”

In this New Perspectives webinar, Dr. Lakshman Sehgal, raised under the love and care of The Mother since the age of 4, addresses the unique role that the body has on our inner development and growth of the soul or psychic being. Dr. Sehgal is joined by his wife Hansa, who spent nearly a decade at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and Vikas Bamba, Director of the Sri Aurobindo Center of Los Angeles.