Course Overview

This 12-module course begins on August 25 and ends November 10. Sessions are weekly on Thursdays from 10:00am-11:00am EDT. Course is limited to 10 participants. If more than 10 participants, a second session on Thursdays at 3:00pm EDT will be available.

Embark on an intimate and insightful journey of self-discovery through the application of astrological concepts and principles to your Vedic birth chart! 

Topics include:

  • The astronomy of astrology
  • Getting familiar with your Vedic Birth Chart
  • Personality traits and approaches to life based on your Zodiac Sign
  • Understanding the nature and significations of each of planet
  • Interpreting the planets in your birth chart and the implications to your life
  • Planetary remedial measures

This course is intended for the novice student and does not require previous knowledge of Vedic Astrology. All participants will receive a free copy of their Vedic birth chart. Note, participant must know his/her time of birth based on the birth certificate.

Advanced weekly reading is required. Each session is recorded and available to participants.

Radhe is professionally trained in Vedic Astrology and has been a practicing astrologer for over 15 years. If you have questions regarding this course, please contact Radhe at

Offered By: La Grace, Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center

Hosted By: La Grace, Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center


1 hour of advanced reading each week
Homework for practicing applications to personal birth chart
Presentation of new material during weekly Zoom session
Q&A as part of weekly Zoom session.

Introduction to Vedic Astrology, comparison to Western Astrology, philosophical and spiritual foundational principals

The Tripod of the Chart. Learn bout the Zodiac Signs, houses and planets. Key attributes and significations of each.

The Basic Layout of the birth chart. Understanding how the Zodiac Signs, houses and planets are show in the birth chart. Session will include birth chart examples.

Part 1: The 12 Zodiac Signs. The qualities and personality characteristics of each zodiac sign will be presented in detail. Participants will have the opportunity to apply qualities and characteristics to their own birth chart. 

This session continues last week’s discussion of the 12 Zodiac Signs.

We will examine in detail each of the 12 houses of the birth chart and how the 12 houses reflect all activities and areas of our life. 

This week we continue our discussion of the 12 Houses and examine them in your personal birth chart. 

Get to know the 7 planets! The Sanskrit word for ‘planet’ is ‘planet’, a word meaning “to seize, to hold or to grasp”. This is exactly what the planets do – they seize our consciousness when we come under their influence, causing certain karmas to unfold in our life.

Continuation of our discussion on the 7 planets

Applying all concepts learned in this course to understand how the planets are playing out in your life.

This week we continue applying concepts learned to your personal birth chart.

Vedic Astrology is well known for planetary remedial measures that help appease problematic planets in the birth chart. Each planet’s remedial measures will be examined. We will determine which planet requires additional support in your personal birth chart.


Radhe is the Executive Director of the La Grace Center, a spiritual retreat in Fountain Inn, S.C. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and has spent over 25


Aug 18 2022 - Dec 15 2022

10:00 am - 11:00 am (New York Time)


Price 195.00

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