The Coming of the Subjective Age, Part 6:  Renaissance of the Integral Sciences

The aim of this 8-week series is to present the evolutionary model of social development of the coming of the Subjective Age, which is a path or a transition towards the Spiritual Age of Humanity where the subjective truths of the individuals and nations are recognized and valued by all.

Part 6: Nov. 26 Jared Quek

Renaissance of the Integral Sciences. Jared will address the importance of the development of the inner sciences for the subjective age.

Sri Aurobindo in Life Divine states: “. . . physical Science itself with all its achievements, though it may accomplish comfort, can never achieve happiness  and fullness of being for the human race. Our true happiness lies in the true growth of our whole being, in a victory throughout the total range of our existence, in mastery of the inner as well as and more than the outer, the hidden as well as the overt nature; our true completeness comes not by describing wider circles on the plane where we began, but by transcendence’ 

Pioneering communities will press inwards to explore our larger mental, vital, physical and spiritual selves in the coming era of mental subjectivism.  Through this endeavor, we can look forward to a rebirth of many inner sciences that will complement our physical knowledge. This talk will draw on Sri Aurobindo’s works to outline some key developments we can expect, and explain how these sciences can complement and empower the path of integral yoga. 


Jared Quek Jian Zhi has practiced the Integral Yoga in conjunction with his Christian faith for 20 years. He lives in Singapore and holds two postgraduate degrees from the University

The Coming of the Subjective Age, Part 6: Renaissance of the Integral Sciences

Nov 26 2022

10:00 am - 11:00 am (New York Time)

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