NEW PERSPECTIVES presents: The Coming of the Subjective Age, a 8-part series

The aim of this 8-week series is to present the evolutionary model of social development of the coming of the Subjective Age, which is a path or a transition towards the Spiritual Age of Humanity where the subjective truths of the individuals and nations are recognized and valued by all.

Oct. 22   Dr. Vladimir Yatsenko: An Introduction and comparison of different developmental models of Ancient Indian System of 4 Yugas, Structures of Consciousness of the Gebser’s social philosophy with Sri Aurobindo’s Stages of Social Development in the Human Cycle, and even mentioning other economic and political systems of Marxism etc.

Oct. 29 Dr. Soumitra Basu: The Transition from Individualist to Subjective Age, its major characteristics and dangers, true and false subjectivism.

Nov. 5 Dr. Alok Pandey:  On Individual and Social Psychology in the Subjective Age. Change of behavior, perception, values, spirituality and religion, Nation Souls and political systems, etc.

Nov. 12 Santosh Krinsky: Communication and Dissemination of Knowledge in the Subjective Age. New forms of knowledge: Internet, Google, Wikipedia, Blogs, Courses online etc.

Nov. 19 Matthew Andrews: The Role of Bhakti in the Subjective Age. Starting from Bhakti Movement in India, Kabir, Mira Bai, etc., transcending religions, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Prabhupada, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother as an awakening of Psychic Being in humanity and growing towards realization of Human Unity.

Nov. 26 Jared Quek: Renaissance of the Integral Sciences. The importance of the development of the inner sciences for the subjective age.

Dec. 3 Dr. Jayanthy Ramachandra and Anuradha Agrawal: Integral Education in the Subjective Age: The Paradigm Shift towards Spiritual Education.

Dec. 10 Dr. Vladimir Yatsenko and Radhe: New Elements in Education in the Subjective Age: The development of Faculties and Qualities of the individual being.


Santosh has been studying Sri Aurobindo’s writings since 1971 and has a daily blog at and podcast at He is editor-in-chief at Lotus Press and is author of

Matthew Andrews is Co-Director of Śraddhā Yoga and Board President of Auroville International, USA. He has been a student of yoga philosophy in the light of Sri Aurobindo and Mother

Dr. Jayanthy Ramachandran is the Principal of Mirambika Free Progress School in Delhi. She plays an active role in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch in organizing and facilitating activities

Anuradha is co-founder of the Gnostic Center and a teacher and teacher-educator by training. She has been engaged in the field of Integral Education since 1986 through teaching, research and

Radhe is the Executive Director of the La Grace Center, a spiritual retreat in Fountain Inn, S.C. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and has spent over 25

Dr. Alok Pandey is a well-known authority on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s writings, especially on the subject of Yoga, Psychology, Education and Health. A Medical Doctor who has specialized

Dr. Soumitra Basu is a psychiatrist working with consciousness paradigms. He conducts workshops on personal growth and is a Founder-Editor of NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health. He has authored

Dr. Vladimir Yatsenko is the Director of the Institute for Applied Research in Integral Studies at the Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center. He holds a master’s degree in Linguistics and

Jared Quek Jian Zhi has practiced the Integral Yoga in conjunction with his Christian faith for 20 years. He lives in Singapore and holds two postgraduate degrees from the University

NEW PERSPECTIVES presents: The Coming of the Subjective Age, a 8-part series

Oct 22 2022 - Dec 10 2022

10:00 am - 11:00 am (New York Time)


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