Art and Culture

Spirituality is a wider thing than formal religion and it is in the service of spirituality that Art reaches its highest self-expression. Spirituality is a single word expressive of three lines of human aspiration towards divine knowledge, divine love and joy, divine strength, and that will be the highest and most perfect Art which, while satisfying the physical requirements of the aesthetic sense, the laws of formal beauty, the emotional demand of humanity, the portrayal of life and outward reality, reaches beyond them and expresses inner spiritual truth, the deeper not obvious reality of things, the joy of God in the world and its beauty and desirableness and the manifestation of divine force and energy in phenomenal creation. Sri Aurobindo, The Hour of God: The National Value of Art – V

The Role of Sound in Wellbeing and Health with Aurelio of SVARAM

 In this New Perspectives webinar, Aurelio will address the following engaging topics related to the role of sound in maintaining integral health:

  • Nada Brahman – Sound Creation
  • The vibrational universe and its harmonic matrix
  • Quantum Field, Matter and Organology – the science of musical instruments
  • Creativity and Sound Medicine
  • SVARAM Center for the Craft, Art and Science of Sound

Descent of a New Music as Envisioned by the Mother with Narad

In the new music, one will experience the mantric force that calls into manifestation the supernal bliss, the grace ever-present in our lives that rarely we feel and seldom acknowledge. The music of the future has begun, and one can catch its subtle notes in those subtle realms where silence reigns, but its plenitude awaits our receptivity to the Divine’s behest. It is a music of force and majesty scored with divine humility. The Mother brought down its first tremendous notes into the rhythmic pulse of earth’s awakening.