La Grace Integral Yoga Talks

Vladimir Yatsenko speaks on the Gita at NIMHANS Conference: Ego and Self, Desire and Aspiration

Videos on Each of the 12 Qualities of The Mother’s Symbol by Art Studio “12 Qualities”

Videos to date include Sincerity, Humility and Gratitude produced by Art Studio “12 Qualities” and a team of volunteers from all over the world together creating a new approach to values, knowledge and conscious living.

The Vedic Vision in the Light of Sri Aurobindo with Dr. Yatsenko

Hosted by Sri Aurobindo Center Singapore, this webinar discusses the Vedic Vision in the Light of Sri Aurobindo.

Integral Yoga Talks with Dr. Yatsenko

There are planes of being and consciousness that are constantly evolving from the subconscious to conscious and superconscious being in us. The Physical, Vital, Mental and finally Supramental selves are gradually unfolding in the human consciousness. In this session, we shall present a holistic vision of all major planes of being and consciousness in the light of Integral Yoga. In this 4-part series, Dr. Yatsenko discusses: Part 1 The Creation, Part 2 The Vedic Vision and Integral Yoga, Part 3a The Physical Body and Part 3b Sankhya and Ancient Vedanta.

On Consciousness with Dr. Yatsenko

A Concept of Consciousness in the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Here we take a deeper look into functions of Consciousness and its faculties on the levels of the physical, vital and mental being. This 3-part series includes: Part 1 Philosophical Approach to Consciousness, Part 2 Psychological Approach to Consciousness and Part 3 Consciousness as Will Power.

The Mother’s Symbol: 12 Living Principles with Dr. Yatsenko

Dr. Yatsenko speaks to the significance of The Mother’s Symbol and addresses each of the 12 Living Principles and their inter-relationship with one another.

Everyday Practice of Integral Education: Cultivating Healing Speech with Dr. Yatsenko

This webinar addresses the importance of sincere and compassionate communications in relationships. Areas explored include: 1. What is meant by sincere communications?, 2. The art of ‘intentional listening’, 3. The importance of precision in word choice and 4. Austerity in mind and speech, including the spiritual benefit of silence.